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Movie:   Kappal

Casts: Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa, VTV Ganesh
Director: Karthick G Krish
Music:   Natarajan Sankaran
Production House: S Pictures

Release Date: 25th December 2014

Kappal - A hilarious,fun filled ride. The film starts with a self-introductory sequence by Vaibhav, yet another Tamil Hero, who is a graduate without a job. ( Anyways, that's become a reality now :P ) Vaibhav is one of the group of five thick friends right from their childhood days. One day in a tea stall, they see their favourite guy of their area looking depressed and after knowing that marriage is the reason behind his depression, they decide not to marry anyone or all five of them should marry a same girl to avoid problems in the life. Though Vaibhav has interest in girls, his friends keep him away from girls,

It continues in their college days too. After completing the degree, Vaibhav cheats his friends with a fake appointment letter and leaves to chennai to find a girl to love and marry. VTV Ganesh is his roommate in chennai who occasionally gives ideas to Vaibhav. With his ideas, Vaibhav manages to love a rich modern girl, Sonam Bajwa. In the meantime, one of his friends marry a girl because of his father's torture. So other three friends come to chennai to seek Vaibhav's guidance in separating their friend and his wife. Vaibhav tries to hide his love life from his friends but they finally manage to catch him romancing Sonam Bajwa.

Did Vaibhav convince his friends or his friends had success in seperating Vaibhav and his girlfriend? You have to watch that in theatres. 

Though the songs are not pleasing so much, visuals justify it. Ekachekkamaai and Kadhal Casetta are the hummable songs of the movie. The only drawback of the movie is it's length of 155 minutes. If it was trimmed by 10 minutes, it would have been a much better ride in the 'ship'. Yes, there are some dragging moments, which can be forgotten eventually.

If you're a fan of good comedy movies, you shouldn't miss this film in theatres. A must watch movie in this new year vacation.
                                                               CINEKET Rating: 3.25/5

                                                   Watch The Kappal Movie Trailer Here

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