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A perfect topic for our blog page! Cricket galatta is gonna start from today!
After the end of the ipl fever, actor's association decided to conduct a t20 league for the welfare of technicians of film industry. There are four teams named mumbai heroes, chennai rhinos, telugu warriors and kannada bulldozers! A grand opening ceremony has been planned to rock the stadium in bengaluru with 500 artists around the country.
Round Robin method is to be used in league stage. Totally 7 matches including a final... June 4: Two matches in Bengaluru.
June 5: Two matches in Chennai. Remaining matches in hyderabad in june 11 and final in june 12.

Surya is the captain of chennai team. Squad includes Sarathkumar, Vikranth, Vishnu, Bharath, Siva etc... Tamil viewers can enjoy this tournament live in star vijay channel.

Best wishes for our chennai team. Namma ooru chennai rhinos ku periya whistle adinga!

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